Danny Goldberg is the author of the books Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Bumping Into Geniuses, and his latest, In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea. He also co-edited and wrote the introduction to the anthology It’s A Free Country: Civil Liberties After 9/11. A longtime music business executive, Danny ran Gold Mountain Entertainment, which managed the careers of Bonnie Raitt, Nirvana and others, and was President of three major record companies—Atlantic, Warner Bros., and Mercury—as well as his own label, Artemis Records. He is currently President of the management company, Gold Village Entertainment. In 2015, Danny began hosting a podcast called Rock And Roles, whose theme is the connectivity between a spiritual and worldly viewpoints. We spoke about the significant spiritual developments that occurred throughout the culture in the pivotal year 1967, which is the subject of his new book. Learn more about Danny Goldberg here.