Dr. G. William Barnard, is a Professor of Religious Studies and a University Distinguished Teaching Professor at Southern Methodist University. His primary teaching and research interests are the comparative philosophy of mysticism, religion and the social sciences; contemporary spirituality, religion and healing; and consciousness studies. He is currently researching the Santo Daime tradition, a syncretistic, entheogenically-based new religious movement in Brazil. He is the author of Living Consciousness: The Metaphysical Vision of Henri Bergson, Exploring Unseen Worlds: William James and the Philosophy of Mysticism, and the co-editor of Crossing Boundaries: Essays on the Ethical Status of Mysticism. He has one several awards for teaching excellence. We spoke about his personal spiritual path, which began with Swami Muktananda in the 1970s, his research on entheogens and Santo Daime and what it is like to teach religion at SMU. Learn more about William Barnard here: