Gurvinder Singh is the Finance Director and International Director of United
Sikhs Aid, the humanitarian aid wing of United Sikhs. In his long
association with United Sikhs, he has responded to many disasters worldwide,
including tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, typhoons and earthquakes. He has
also led many humanitarian aid projects, including the Guru Nanak food
pantry in Kenya, food banks in the United States and vocational training
schools in South Asia. He is also is a board member of the Dallas-Ft. Worth
Civil Rights Committee. He has done interfaith and cultural sensitivity
training for federal, state and local law enforcement, Fortune 500
companies, the TSA, and educational facilities. We spoke about the origins
and beliefs of Sikhism and the challenges faced by the American Sikh
community post-9/11. Learn more about Sikhism and Gurvinder Singh here.