Mark Arey spent more than thirty years as an ordained Greek Orthodox priest, until he resigned from ministry in 2013 and married the love of his life. Most of his life has been spent “engaging with the poetic depths of things divine.” This has led him on a journey filled with liturgical service to others, rich narratives, and an intense seeking after “meaning that quickens.” During his years of ministry, Mark also worked as a hospital chaplain, a psychotherapist in a state prison, and an HIV patient counselor. His pursuit of wisdom through the study of philosophy, biblical Greek, the art of translation and story-telling has led to four books, the most recent of which is The Gospel of Love: A Meta-Translation. We spoke about his transition from the ministry, the many lessons he learned in the course of his spiritual journey and his current work. He lives in Taos, New Mexico. Learn more about Mark Arey here.