Mary Ann Brussat and her husband Frederic Brussat are the co-founders of the Center for Spirituality and Practice in Claremont, California. Their website,, contains reviews of spiritual books, spiritual perspectives on movies, articles about practices, and extensive resources on Elder Spirituality and The Reverence Project. The site offers two new spiritual e-courses each month and has more than 150 courses available on-demand (including two by Spirit Matters cohost, Philip Goldberg). The Brussats have been covering contemporary culture and the spiritual renaissance for nearly five decades. Their books, Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life and Spiritual Rx: Prescriptions for Living a Meaningful Life, introduced the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy — 37 essential spiritual practices of the world’s religions and spiritual paths. We spoke about their multifaceted work and Mary Ann’s reflections on the evolving spiritual scene. Learn more about Mary Ann (and Frederic) Brussat here.