MC Yogi has become known as a modern day ambassador of yoga to the West and a leading voice in the emerging genre of conscious music. From headlining international music festivals and teaching some of the largest yoga classes in North America, he blends his knowledge of yoga with hip hop, reggae and electronic music. With three #1 World albums and hundreds of appearances each year, MC’s music is moving yoga to large, young, mainstream audiences. iTunes calls his latest album, Only Love is Real, “true mantra music – transformative and genre-defining.” In 2001, MC Yogi and his wife, Amanda Giacomini, were named health ambassadors by Michelle Obama for her Let’s Move initiative; they have taught yoga at the White House four times since. We spoke about his delinquent youth, his transformative emergence as MC Yogi, his driving purpose and his experience merging yogic themes with modern musical genres. Learn more about MC Yogi here: