Neelam has been leading satsang (sitting in truth) internationally since 1996. A native of Poland, now living in New Mexico, she is a direct disciple of H.W.L. Poonja (“Papaji”), who was, in turn, a devotee of the legendary Sri Ramana Maharshi. Neelam first sat with Papaji in the early 1990’s in Lucknow, India, where she herself awakened to the Truth of Presence as her own true nature, through Papaji’s process of Spiritual Inquiry. A skilled group facilitator with a degree in Theater Arts and fluent in four languages, she invites students into the same recognition of truth that her Papaji transmitted to her. She has taught in North America, Europe and India, currently leads satsangs, weekend retreats, intensives and long-term programs for those who wish to dive into “the fire of truth.” We spoke about her path, her awakening and her ongoing work. Learn more about Neelam here.